New Capes


LogoWelcome back!!!!!

Check out my new items that I have added: two new pairs of earrings, a new necklace/earrings set and two new bracelets. I am also making capes as special orders. I, with the help of a friend, made a new costume to wear to conventions and a few people who saw me at Figments & Filaments this year liked the cape that is a part of my outfit and they ordered on from me. Now the cape I wore at Figments was dyed by Corwyn MacCamie of MacCamie Studios. The capes I will be selling by special order will be solid colors, but I will be able to do special orders if there is a color that you like from MacCamie. Corwyn also sells capes, but the ones he is doing are a different style from the ones I will have.